Sunday, August 19, 2007

video game

1. game teach players to cooperate.
i agree with this statement. in my opinion, some of games need to two people or more people to play it. when two people play a video game. of course, we know that people always have different opinions on games. in this moment, players want to win the game. indeed, they have to coorperate, negotation and exchange information during playing game. as we know, when a person wants to do something, a person's power is nothing. but when two people cooperate is more powerful than a person to do it. so we need to cooperate, even if on video games.

2. video games are socially isolating.
i agree with it because when people only focused on the game. he or she always forget to do other important things thnt game. for example, have fun with friend, partents or social activity. as we know, people always sit in front of computer or tvs to play game when they are playing a game. they don't care other social acitivity with friend or outside of world. players only focused on video game's world. as a result, video game cause the serious problem with soically isolating for people. espically on teenagers or adults.

3. video games are addictive.
in my opinion, people don't have strong control with their mind and thinking. usually on video game. players always think that i gonna finish this game, i gonna finish this game. but when it is finished, they usually think that one more game, after this game i gonna finish. after finished it. they usually play one more game and one more game. of course, it has never finished it. so, people usually addicted on video game after they play game and cann't stop it.


i felt satified with my oral presentation"nike". personally, i tried to make my presentation in relax way because i knew that my topic is more focused on marketing stratergy. if i did this boring topic with serious way to present it. i could feel that the classmates would feel boring. so, i tried to do my oral presentation with natural way to present it. finally, i felt that it was interesting topic for classmate. also i felt satified with it and more confidence to do prsentation in front of class. i don't feel afraid any more.
listening from other classmates' presentation. i felt all of them interested topic for me. all of them were totally different topic included marketing, parenting, violence, movie and etc. i got a lot of interesting information and knowledge. some of them i didn't have any idea on these topic. but after classmates' oral presentation, i got the ideas on some of topic. i learned a lot and how to be good audience during listening presentation.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


i've done my research few day ago. i chose the topic"nike". why i chose "nike" because i'm interested in nike. also, nike always attract me to buy their products. so that's why i wanna research on nike and nike's marketing strategy.
during the research, i learned how to collect information and select information because i just had two weeks to do my research. it's a point to learn how to choose right information on research when you have a lot of information and don't have a lot of time to read books. also, i was lucky because i chose this topic immediatley and i don't need to lose anytime to think about my steps and my information because i can foucs on specific information immediatley and to use right information on my research.
moreover, i learned time management on my research. if you don't have any time management and do research on last minute. it is too late. so i tried to write my research a page each day and i don't think i don't have any time to finish it. also, it helps me in the future in the university.
i think, there are several steps during doing research. first, make topic and decision directly. after that, listed some stepd and main ideas are going to write. third, using these main ideas to find specific information and collect information. finally, ready to write. it will save time on research. this is my own opinion.

improving academic performance

i'm interested in developing sound study habits.
each student has to develop their own study habit, i think. here i have example, when i was a first and second year junior high student. at that time, i didn't have any idea and any schedule for study. however, when i was a third year junior high student. my teacher told me that i had to think about study schedule and study habit. at that time, i tried to find and develop my own study habit. finally, i found it that it helped me a lot to improve my grade and study.
also, the developing study habit can encourage student to study hard because when a student get a good mark. it will push a student study harder than before. it likes a circle for study. study habit pushs to study hard and it will get a good mark.
first, student try to find the study habit. after that, it is an important to find some place that can student concentrate. it is really important for students. i think, study habit and concertrate are connected each other. here, i have an example on myself. acctually, i don't like to study at library because it is too quite for me to study. also, it makes me fall in sleep. so i usually study at coffee shop or some other places because i feel confortable in these places and also can concentrate on study. here, i am not really encourage to go to coffee shop for study. but, i'm really hope that try to find some place can concentrate. it will help you a lot.
i think, if you follow these steps on study, you will enjoy studying well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


personnally, happiness means that one of the best emotional in human because i think that when people smile to someone, the smile can affect to other people to have same emotion with you. also, you can do everything sucessfully when you're happiness. i believe that.


first, the population has been reduced recently. moreover, government can give more budget for young people because couples have less infant than before. as a result, government can save much money from children to take these money to offer more jobs for young people.
on the contrary, the food would be short supply. for sure, articulture need more land to grow food for people. but, people need land for living. as a resutl, people can not balance between living and articulture. so, it would be food short supply.

Monday, July 9, 2007


language is used for communication,ideas and thinking. language also used for deliver message and information. researchers have found that compare with American and Japanese in language delivered. moreover, American prefer deliver messages directly when they're speaking than Japanese speaking. because Japanese has their own tradition on language. also, Japanese don't want to argue with people who are different opinion or thinking.
researchers also interested in communication with different ages of students.
for example, boys are harder to find the topic during they have conversation. furthermore, they change their topic quickly than girls. also, boys only speak their own problem with their friends. in contrary, girls can share expression and talk about their relationship with friends. also, girls can get deeply into conversation during the conversation. as a result, boys and girls have different communication between gender different.
on the tv debate, we also can see how different between male and females' conversation. in the debate or public speaking. people normally listen to male than female even male aren't expert in the topic.
male are speaking more longer than female during the meeting. for example, female only speak three to ten seconds in the meeting. but, male can speak two times longer than female in the meeting.
in my opinion, i like this unit. i also found that it's interesting topic for me. it's good unit.